Thomas Heaton

Thomas Heaton became a landscape, travel and outdoor photographer simply because he had no choice in the matter. At sixteen, photography stole his heart. He followed a solid professional training but the life of a conventional commercial photographer wasn’t for him — lots of travel, long days, much pressure, little money and a feeling of unfulfillment. He began working for himself on commercial photography assignments and published a smattering of videos during the early days of YouTube. He follows his heart, gets out there, takes photos, shoots films, sells and publishes.

Visit his site: “Landscape, travel and outdoor photography”. | E

Fabiënne Swarts

Fabiënne Swarts is a talented photographer with some noteworthy publications to her name in the fashion industry. She completed her studies in Graphic Design in Rotterdam followed by continuing education in photography, film and make-up. Her talent and skills set form the basis of her expressive strength. In her gallery, Fabiënne reveals herself to be a chronicler of modern city life. And as a model, is also much sought-after for work in front of the camera.

Visit her gallery: “ByFab Beauty and Photography”. | E

PublieksWerk & BorghoutsBouter

Communications agency PublieksWerk and design agency BorghoutsBouter have been collaborating on complex communication challenges for decades. Clients value their complimentary skills and talents. While PublieksWerk develop verbal communication concepts and solutions, BorghoutsBouter do the same from a design and image perspective. Creative sessions deliver pragmatic concepts and faultless execution.

Visit their sites: “Breinpositie” (Brand positioning) & “Beeldvormers” (Image makers). | NL / E | NL