Thomas Heaton

Thomas Heaton became a landscape, travel and outdoor photographer simply because he had no choice in the matter. At sixteen, photography stole his heart. He followed a solid professional training but the life of a conventional commercial photographer wasn’t for him — lots of travel, long days, much pressure, little money and a feeling of unfulfillment. He began working for himself on commercial photography assignments and published a smattering of videos during the early days of YouTube. He follows his heart, gets out there, takes photos, shoots films, sells and publishes.

Visit his site: “Landscape, travel and outdoor photography”. | E

Fabiënne Swarts

Fabiënne Swarts is a talented photographer with some noteworthy publications to her name in the fashion industry. She completed her studies in Graphic Design in Rotterdam followed by continuing education in photography, film and make-up. Her talent and skills set form the basis of her expressive strength. In her gallery, Fabiënne reveals herself to be a chronicler of modern city life. And as a model, is also much sought-after for work in front of the camera.

Visit her gallery: “ByFab Beauty and Photography”. | E


Paul and Jeroen are imagineers pur sang. So they and their team always look first for the real identity that is anchored or hidden in the roots of their client. In the people. In history and stories. That identity is the starting point for everything they do. The absolute fundament for imaginering.
And everything that ensues.

In practice, their involvement leads to creative concepts and perfect execution.
A collaboration with result. | NL

Shari Neely

Shari Neely is a versatile make-up artist and hair stylist who expresses her talent for styling in various ways. She brings out the best and most beautiful in people during a photo shoot radiating love. And, thanks to her original make-up and hair styling skills, she makes her clients shine during a fun evening out. Shari followed the Professional Make-Up Artist course in Rotterdam before going on to work for various companies in fashion, editorial, bridal make-up, photography and events. With her striking work, Shari has been published and featured in numerous magazines. | +31 (0)640009916


Born in Spain, Aleysa has music in her blood. Over the years, she has developed a fascination for African influences. With her unique fusion of Spanish and African styles, as a singer she makes it difficult for her audience to stay still. Her music abounds with profound lyrics, upbeat rhythms and unexpected musical twists. During her studies, she was already bringing smiles to many faces while performing on Spanish television. It was hardly surprising, then, that Aleysa would make music her profession, which she has enriched with other disciplines such as drama, acting and spoken word. Her versatility is sure to continue to delight thousands of people around the world in the years to come. | E

Yobert Younan

Yobert Younan is a photographer and graphic designer. He laid the foundation for his profession in the city of his birth, Baghdad, where he attended the art academy. However, the conditions in his country kept him from enjoying artistic freedom. ‘Unfortunately, in that world we are oppressed and driven away. We are not free to think what we want, let alone express this in our work. As a result, I was expelled from the academy and, in the end, I had to leave to build a new future for myself elsewhere.’ That new future started at the art academy in Arnhem, where he received his diploma in photography and graphic design. Yobert’s work is best described as raw and pure, with design that moves the viewer. His portraits of Arnhem and Iraq (and the people who live there) leave an indelible impression on everyone who sees them. | E

Niko de Wit

Niko de Wit is a sculptor and a teacher of the visual arts. In his modern studio, he works on exhibitions and assignments for urban projects. Niko is fascinated by the surprises that forms present. In his own words: ‘Suddenly a sculpture can – quite literally – be revealed from a different angle. The amazing thing is that this works best with very simple, elementary forms.’ As a viewer you can clearly see this fascination for form in Niko’s work. When you walk around one of his sculptures, every angle reveals a different work of art, surprising you at every turn. | E